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As an emerging storyteller and member of Ottawa StoryTellers, I’ve shared tales at Story Stage, World Storytelling Day, the Ottawa Children’s StoryTelling Festival, and many events big and small. As the co-host of (un)told since 2021, I’ve had a delightful time bringing people together through true personal stories.


I love telling stories that make people laugh and gasp. My repertoire contains stories for adults and children and includes stories from Scandinavia, Scotland, Greece, Japan, and South America; as well as Canadian folktales, historical tales of human heroism, queer stories for all ages, and lively tales for kids about animals, space, and everything in between. Writing for children is one of my passions and I would be happy to craft a tale for your little ones!


As a proud Franco-Ontarian, I am available to tell stories in English and French.

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