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When I was in first grade, I was cast as a clown in a school play. That’s when I realized two important things: I love entertaining people, and clown shoes are very comfortable.


Born and raised in Ottawa in a French-Canadian family, I spent my youth writing books about magical carrots, collecting ingredients to make winter potion, and pretending I was on a spaceship. If there was a school play or a talent show, you’d better believe I was there, ready to carve out a place in the spotlight.


When I was 17, I won a creative writing contest with a story about a fly trapped between two window panes. Clearly, I’ve always loved stories about looking out for the little guy.


Ever the bookworm, I studied French literature in university, while performing on the side. Since then, I've performed at Fringe Festivals Across Canada, and here in Ottawa at the Arts Court Theatre, Shenkman Arts Centre, and the National Arts Centre. I love shows that make people laugh. The first play I ever wrote, “Love in the Time of Harlequin”, was performed in Ottawa to great acclaim.


In 2018, I discovered the wonderful art of storytelling. I love telling tales to children and grownups! I also bring the art of storytelling to my job as a federal public servant, where I teach a workshop focusing on mental health and personal storytelling, and as a public speaker about LGBTQ+ issues and other diversity and inclusion topics.


I also love a good party, so please invite me—I’ll bring the stories and the cookies!

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